Game Guides

NOTE: Many of these guides can also be found on my GameFAQs contributer page.

Castle Crashers Characters Guide
My most recent guide, this tells you everything you could possibly want to know about the playable characters in the XBLA game Castle Crashers.

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time guide
My most famous guide, this was the first complete guide to "Zelda 64" available on the internet back at the game's release, and is still popular to this day.

Metroid Fusion Spoiler-Free Guide
100% complete guide to Metroid Fusion, and the only one featuring a full walkthrough for getting the hidden Easter Egg, while still being spoiler-free on the plot/enemies/etc.

Metroid Fusion full map
This is a printable version of the entire map for Metroid Fusion. It's very useful for ensuring you find 100% of the items in the game, and is great to use along with my spoiler-free guide.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Cheat Sheet
Printable chart of vital stats on all the large monsters in Monster Hunter 3U (except for the Elder Dragons aka final bosses). Also available in spreadsheet form here. Note that I did not gather this information myself, I simply compiled it into a handy chart.

Moonbase Commander guide
Complete guide to the PC game Moonbase Commander.

Moonbase Commander Challenge Replays
Useful companion to my Moonbase Commander Guide, these are replays demonstrating me beating each of the Challenge Mode levels with a Gold rating and is what the tips in the guide are based on. It may be easier to see how to beat these levels using these replays. Comes with a self-installer but you need to unzip it first. Requires the retail version of Moonbase Commander in order to watch them.

Drakan FAQ
An FAQ that gives info on all the secrets and difficult sections of Drakan: The Ancients' Gates for PS2.

Oddworld Adventures 2 walkthrough
This walkthrough for the little-known gameboy game was only written because I once had someone ask a question about it and no one had completed a walkthrough for it before, so I did one myself.

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch Guide
My guide to Wade Hixton's Counter Punch, a Super Punch-Out clone for the Gameboy Advance.