Minebot Arena

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Minebot Arena is a unique and addicting arcade-style action game from Z-Ware. It is easy to pick up and play but challenging enough to test the limits of the most hardcore gamer. See if you can top the online high score list!
  • Unique control system where where you directly control a Minebot with your mouse to dodge enemies and attack. Thus your mouse cursor itself has to avoid touching enemies and enemy fire, while you use your mouse buttons to attack.
  • Drop mines, fire homing shots, and release powerful point-blank blasts to destroy your enemies.
  • Earn cash and use it to buy upgrades and special attacks for your Minebot, or save it up to buy extra lives or points.
  • Fight enemies that each have their own unique defenses, attacks, and AI and can interact with other enemies to protect each other.
  • Intense boss fights that require both reflexes and sharp thinking to beat.
  • Online global high score lists viewable in the game or from this web site.
  • Multiple game modes, some with their own seperate high score list.
  • The entire game is only 1 executable file that's less than 5MB in size and does not require installation.
  • Low system requirements and alt-tab friendly.
  • Its Free!!


Minebot Arena has the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • 400MHz or faster processor (1GHz recommended)
  • 32MB RAM (128MB recommended)
  • Direct X compatible video card with 8MB of Video RAM
  • Direct X compatible sound card
  • 5MB hard drive space
  • Submitting and viewing high scores requires an active internet connection.

NOTE: You must unzip the game executable and move it to your desktop or a valid normal folder in order to play! Only the main Minebot.exe is needed to play, other files in the .zip archive are optional.


Here are some comments players have made about Minebot Arena:

"This is probably the best game I've ever played." - archonwarp

"Two thumbs way up!" - Kickback

"Amazingly fun" - Talka

"Adictive Genius. This game is crazy fun." - Yakuza

"Game: A+" - Ludious

"It's too addicting and well thought out to unleash on someone that isn't aware of what they are getting into when they start playing it." - torgodevil

"This has alot of what makes me love games like Ikaruga. Simple concepts that weave together into subtly complex gameplay experiences." - Drake

"Might be one of my new favourite games..." - Zell

"This game is hella fun, and the levels past 40 are delightfully hard." - Talith

"I swear to god this is the best game on the showcase. Great job!" - poita

"Very good stuff. Great sense of progression and enough variety/strategy in every level to make you want to keep playing." - drastik

"This is one of the best games (commercial and non-commercial) that I have played in a long time." - crazy_gaz_2001

"Oh yeah, this is really cool. It's got more gameplay than most 'big' titles have." - Drake

"I'm a horrible, evil, cynical bastard, but even I can't rag on this game. It's probably the best free game I've ever played." - Duddits

"Inspired bit of work here! Seriously, this is so unbelievably addictive. I think it should be outlawed and put in the same class as Heroin and Crack." - Tom Klapiscak

"This game is all the awesome it sounds to be." - Kato

"This is action packed goodness." - Unholy Cow

To see what they're talking about, Download Minebot Arena and check out this fun, free game yourself!