Key-controlled Magnify ReShade Shader
This utility was designed to somewhat mimic the magnifiers used by consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch to help the vision impaired read small fonts and such, only this one works with Windows games. It can be used in cases where the Windows Magnifier isn't sufficient due to it always following the mouse cursor, when in some games you'd rather move the magnifier position around using buttons instead, such as when playing with a gamepad. Requires ReShade as well to use it.

This utility will allow you to import/export custom maps and replays with Moonbase Commander. Almost required if you plan to download replays or custom maps from web pages and such.

This handy utility allows you to directly connect to another player to play Moonbase Commander using their IP address, bypassing the need for GameSpy. It also can remember your friends' IP addresses for you and can tell you your own address (although it won't tell you your external address if you are behind a firewall, be warned!).

NOTE: There is another utility that offers expanded functionality, including generating random maps for more fair online play, called 'Moonbase Console'. It is not created by me but is worth looking into if you play Moonbase Commander. Search for it online!